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The all-round talent in medium size.

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The rock crystal – the all-round talent


Physical: As a so-called harmony stone, it can intensify the effect of almost all healing stones and ensures that the vibrations reach the individual organs and body regions better. Used alone it is valued for its purifying, healing and preventive effects. For all cardiovascular complaints that increase significantly in times of our western diet, such as B. Deposits in all vessels, which leads to reduced blood flow (arteriosclerosis), it helps to remove the substances and cleans the inside in the form of healing stone water. In the event of an impending heart attack or similar consequences associated with arteriosclerosis, it should always be worn as a healing stone on the body or in your pocket. It can normalize the blood pressure and balance the blood formation. Due to the better oxygen supply to all organs and cells, it also helps to normalize the function of all glands and protects genital organs such as the prostate and breast. With its balancing and calming effect on the nervous system, it also helps with headaches.


Emotional: It has a harmonizing, radiating effect on all possible unhealthy frequencies, such as water veins, earth rays and computer radiation, especially as a sphere. It dissolves energy blockages and, when placed in a group (several stones from 20 cm in diameter), has a very mood-enhancing, relaxing, harmonizing effect on the living room or the office, and calming down on diffuse fears.


As healing stone water and / or healing stone essence: In combination with amethyst, for example, it works very well against skin diseases and rashes.

Info:The rock crystal belongs to the list of 24 healing stones according to Hildegard von Bingen.



The price refers to one stoneof this type, unless stated otherwise in the description. Since crystals and stones are natural products, shape and colour cannot be identical. I intuitively choose the stones myself for each order. The specified dimensions and weights are intended as a guide and are always only an average value.





Note according to the german law Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG):

The products advertised here have no scientifically proven or recognized disease-preventing, disease-relieving or disease-healing effects.

Keywords: arteriosclerosis, eye problems, blood formation, high blood pressure, blood pressure, glands, earth rays, harmony, heart, headache, circulation, crystal, nerves, nervous system, thyroid, numbness, temperature sensitivity, transparent, water jets.


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