Crystals, stones and more..

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Handpicked just for you.

Semi-precious stones and crystals are offered in many places, we try to find the most beautiful specimens for you, which make sense in daily use and give pleasure.

How do you find the right stone?

The best way is to use the search function ABOVE RIGHT. Just enter what you want to help improve or heal and there is an approach. Of course, you can also enter the stone name yourself or just start browsing. You can even search for color if there is any stone that you have seen but have no idea what it is.

Our selection

If you are looking for a special stone or if you have absolutely no idea which stone could support, please write to us using the contact form.

  • Amazonit

    Amazonit Trommelstein


    incl. 23% VAT

    plus shipping costs

  • Andenopal a

    Andenopal Trommelstein


    incl. 23% VAT

    plus shipping costs

  • Aquamarin Trommelstein

    Aquamarin blau Trommelstein


    incl. 23% VAT

    plus shipping costs

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