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The goldstone promotes and helps with:


  • physical: due to the high copper content, it helps to increase the absorption of iron in the digestive tract. Goldstone strengthens the immune system, helps with nausea, diarrhea and stomach pain.
  • mental: it has a strong mood-enhancing effect, promotes self-confidence and helps to an optimistic attitude towards life.
  • Application: wear it on the body or place it directly on the body. Healing stone water & elixir


  • Extra info: Goldstone, like blue and green goldstone, are handcrafted stones from different minerals such as silica, copper, iron, silicon, silver, gold, aventurine, feldspar and other stones. Italian monks and later scientists like Max von Pettenkofer mixed the properties of the individual stones and trace elements according to properties and since then all three varieties have enjoyed great popularity, numerous experiences and traditions. .Incidentally, the exact composition is only known to very few today



The price refers to one stoneof this type, unless stated otherwise in the description. Since crystals and stones are natural products, shape and colour cannot be identical. I intuitively choose the stones myself for each order. The specified dimensions and weights are intended as a guide and are always only an average value.



Note according to the german law Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG):

The products advertised here have no scientifically proven or recognized disease-preventing, disease-relieving or disease-healing effects.

Tags: stomach ache, flatulence, dark red, diarrhea, iron absorption, glittering, immune system, optimism, red, mood-enhancing


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