Handmade soap from Agnes & Cat – Provence

8,88  inkl. MwSt.

Handmade soap – Provence 140 g

Let the soap “Provence” take you to the sun-drenched fields of southern France. Its harmonizing fragrance combines fresh herbal notes with the warm sweetness of amber and musk, a hint of cologne in the air.

This soap, enriched with coconut butter, gently cleanses and provides your skin with valuable moisture. Ideal for face, hands and body.

At a time when solid soaps are experiencing a revival, this soap offers environmentally friendly and accurate dosing. Each piece is lovingly cut and packaged by hand in Sheffield.

An ideal gift for those who long for a touch of Provence in their everyday life. Vegan, without animal testing and free from harmful additives. The packaging? Completely biodegradable. A gift for the senses and the environment.