Dragon blood jasper (also called epidote jasper or dragonstone)


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Dragon blood jasper (also called epidote jasper or dragonstone) promotes and helps with:


  • physical: has a hemostatic effect, stimulates the circulation and all digestive organs, helps with detoxification and detox cures, strengthens the immune system.
  • mental: helps to develop or regain willpower in order to pursue one’s goals, brings courage and dynamism into consciousness
  • Application: wear it on the body or place it directly on the body. Healing stone water & elixir




The price refers to one stoneof this type, unless stated otherwise in the description. Since crystals and stones are natural products, shape and colour cannot be identical. I intuitively choose the stones myself for each order. The specified dimensions and weights are intended as a guide and are always only an average value.



Note according to the german law Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG):

The products advertised here have no scientifically proven or recognized disease-preventing, disease-relieving or disease-healing effects.

Tags: intestinal problems, detox, detoxification, courage to face life, stomach, spleen, digestion, willpower, red green, dark green,


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