Cyanite (thistene / kyanite)


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The cyanite promotes and helps with:


  • physical: it affects the entire speaking apparatus, e.g. B. the larynx, helps with speech disorders (aphasia) such as stuttering or lisp, protects vocal cords, lets sore throats subside faster.
  • mental: calms the nerves, promotes concentration, promotes calm clear pronunciation.
  • Application: wear it on the body or place it directly on the body. Healing stone water & elixir
  • Since the pieces are sometimes very different in size, there is 20g of cyanite per piece.

Important: The price refers to one stone or one portionof this type, unless it is stated otherwise in the description. Since crystals and stones are natural products, shape and colour cannot be identical. I intuitively choose the stones myself for each order. The specified dimensions and weights are intended as a guide and are always only an average value.

Note according to the german law Heilmittelwerbegesetz (HWG):The products advertised here have no scientifically proven or recognized disease-preventive, disease-relieving or disease-healing effects.

Tags: blue, gray, sore throat, light blue, larynx, concentration, language, vocal cords


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